Funding for the Methods Network ended March 31st 2008. The website will be preserved in its current state.

Structure and Administration

The Methods Network is co-directed by Harold Short (Director, CCH) and Marilyn Deegan (Director of Research Development, CCH). To ensure broad discipline coverage, the Network has three senior academics as Associate Directors: Mark Greengrass (Executive Director of the Humanities Research Institute, University of Sheffield), Sandra Kemp (Director of Research at the Royal College of Art) and Andrew Wathey (Vice-Principal at Royal Holloway, University of London). Tony McEnery, formerly Professor of English Language and Linguistics at Lancaster University was a Methods Network Associate Director prior to his appointment as Director of Research at the AHRC in September 2006.

The administrative centre of the Methods Network is based at CCH, King's College London. It has a staff of five, and coordinates and supports all Methods Network activities and publications, as well as developing outreach to, and collaboration with, other centres of excellence in the UK. The Methods Network has an Academic Advisory Board and an AHRC Steering Committee, representing a broad spread of academic disciplines within art, design, and humanities.

The Methods Network is funded by the AHRC ICT Programme until March 2008.

Strategic Vision - AHRC ICT Programme

The Methods Network is part of the AHRC ICT Programme which was launched in October 2003, with funding of £3.8m. The aim of the Programme is to develop, promote, and monitor the AHRC's ICT strategy, and to build capacity nationwide in the use of ICT for arts and humanities research, in particular funding a range of projects and services that will complement those already funded by the AHRC and other national bodies.