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Images used in the Methods Network website banner.

3D rendering of Cairnbaan cup and ring carvings and surrounding landscape, created for interactive museum exhibition and academic research. Copyright King's Visualization Lab
Forsyth, J. Dudley, Allegory of Justice, 1904. Pontypridd, Rhondda Cynon Taff, The building was designed by Henry T. Hare. Copyright: Public Monuments and Sculpture Association
Reusable Learning Object, Centre for Excellence in Teaching. Image used with permission of Carl Smith, Learning Teaching Technology Institute.
Reconstruction of stage set depicted in the House of the Cryptoportico fresco. Copyright King’s Visualization Lab.
An aerial view of the laser scan of Weoley Castle (left) with the 3D construction of the site alongside. Image Courtesy of the HP Visual and Spatial Technology Centre, Archaeological Computing Division , University of Birmingham (
S doorway, SS Mary and David, Kilpeck, Hertfordshire. Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture in Britain and Ireland. Copyright: Ron Baxter
Screenshot from Virtual Vellum project. Image used with permission of Peter Ainsworth, University of Sheffield (
Equipment used for Methods Network Advanced Technologies for Collaborative Performance workshop. Photograph with permission of Chris Nash.
St Peter Mancroft, Norwich, Norfolk. Chancel, east window I, c.1450-55. Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi Crown Copyright.NMR
3D renderings of the Theatre of Pompey based on the plans by Luigi Canina. View of the orchestra and stage. Copyright: King's Visualization Lab.
Smart textiles at work in the Film, Visualization and Narrative workshop. Copyright Bas Raijmakers.
Glassblowers tomb, Aphrodisias Turkey. Copyright: Charlotte Roueche, 1995. Britannia, Aphrodisias, Turkey. Copyright: Charlotte Roueche, 1995.
Acclamations for Albinus (one of a series of carved inscribed stones), Aphrodisias, Turkey. Copyright: Charlotte Roueche, 1995.
Archaeological data and 3d visualization overlay for interpretation and visualization of archaeological data. Coventry and District Archaeology Society. Copyright: King's Visualization Lab.
Reconstruction of Inigo Jones' Barber Surgeons Anatomy Hall, 1636. Copyright: King's Visualization Lab.