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From Abstract Data Mapping to 3D Photorealism: Understanding Emerging Intersections in Visualization Practices and Techniques Programme

9.30 Introduction and welcome
9.45 Panel Sessions
1.Science and Engineering. (~25 minutes)
VizNET Leeds (for Prof Ken Brodlie) - Data Visualization, Scientific Visualization
Dr Martin Turner - Standard Scientific Dataflow Reference Models with Examples
2. Arts and Humanities (~15 minutes)
Dr Julie Tolmie - Mathematical Visualisation in the Arts
Dr Steve Wilkes - Data Acquisition
3. Science and Engineering (~25 minutes)
Prof Roy Kalawsky - 3D Modelling, Display Technologies
Dr Nijad Al-Najdawi - Web-based Visualization, Game Engines
4. Arts and Humanities (~35 minutes)
Carl Smith - 3D Modelling
Dr Hugh Denard, Drew Baker - 3D Documentation <-> 3D Modelling
Michael Takeo Macgruder - Web-based Visualization
Dr Sara de Freitas - Game-based Visualization and Learning
11.15 Coffee
11.40 Panel sessions continued
5. Science and Engineering (~15 minutes) o o
Prof Nick Avis - Grid Visualization
Dr Lakshmi Sastry - Visualization using Commodity Clusters
6. Arts and Humanities (~25 minutes) o o
Dr Greg Sporton - Grid Visualization
Dr Stuart Dunn, AHeSSC - Visualisation in eScience in the Arts and Humanities.
eScience case study: eScience Demonstrator project.
12.20 Working discussion - collaborative allocation of diagrams as resources for the group sessions.
Working lunch
13.45 Group sessions
Work in cross-domain groups 1
Data/Scientific/Maths Visualization
Web-based Visualization 3D Modelling
Work in cross-domain groups 2
Distributed & Grid-based Visualization
Data Acquisition
Display Technologies
15.45 Coffee
Reconvene to discuss diagrams
16.30 Discussion (with refreshment) about emerging intersections at two levels:
Cross-domain orientation materials for multiple technologies and multiple visualization techniques for future conferences, courses, online resources
Longer term cross-domain dialogue and collaboration opportunities.
17.00 End of workshop