Funding for the Methods Network ended March 31st 2008. The website will be preserved in its current state.

Performing Space Programme

9.30 Arrivals - Tea/coffee and the opportunity to view a series of displays available from the following:
Radiator Festival for New Technology Art & Trampoline Berlin
London International Festival of Theatre LIFT Project
Active Ingredient Heartlands Project (Winner of Nokia Ubi Media Award 2007)
Heath Bunting (The Status Project)
The WiMAX Forest Urban Screens Melbourne 2008
The Mixed Reality Laboratory
Tour of Tokyo / Dislocate/ Trampoline
10.30 Introduction - Frank Abbott will outline the day.
10.40 Introduction to AHRC ICT Methods Network - Torsten Reimer
10.50 Part One: Setting the Context - Chaired by Emma Cocker
The fact that contemporary space is infiltrated by media is both a change to the nature of that social space and also an opportunity to explore new processes of research and interaction through new media tools.
11.00 Professor Steven Benford - The computer scientists at the Mixed Reality Laboratory work with artists in connection with new media projects.
11.20 Professor David Crouch - New thinking in Geography opens up new opportunities for research.
11.40 Dr Jonathan Hale - Projects using performance in relation to the city context offer new opportunities to research embodied architecture.
12.00 Angharad Wynne-Jones - The creation of a new participative space for dialogue and debate emerging from performing arts and new media practices.
12.20 Mirjam Struppek (Berlin) Director Urban Screens Melbourne 2008 The transformation of public culture in the context presented by the spread of urban screens. pm pm –
12.40 Panel Discussion to set up the afternoon. The confirmation of a series of topics for discussion in smaller cross-disciplinary groups in the afternoon.
13.10 Lunch will be provided for all delegates and speakers and another opportunity to view displays and talk to the artists and curators
14.00 Part Two: Interrogating the Context - Chaired by Professor John Newling
Begin with discussion in small cross disciplinary group.
15.00 Reports back plenary. Summary of the main items of debate from each discussion group.
15.30 Presentation of projects and potential contexts for future work. Short 10 minute presentations by invited artist signaling their area of work for potential future collaboration alongside contributions from delegates sharing their experience.
17.00 Refreshments and networking. A final opportunity to view displays and talk to the artists, curators and participants.