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Interactivity in the Performance of Electroacoustic Music Participants

Ximena Alarcón De Montfort University
Michael Alcorn Queens's University, Belfast
Ian Algie North Nottinghamshire College
Ilias Anagostopoulos Sheffield University
Angie Atmadjaja York University
Theo Burt Independent Artist
Oliver Carman Independent Artist
Simon Emmerson De Montfort University
Finn Evans Sheffield University
Neal Farwell University of Bristol
Ambrose Field York University
Sylvia Finzi Sheffield University
Iris Garrelfs Independent Artist
Alex Harker York University
Louise Harris Sheffield University
Jonty Harrison Birmingham University
Tony Kemplen Independent Artist
Dorothy Ker Sheffield University
Aidan McFall Sheffield University
Dave Moore Sheffield University
Adrian Moore Sheffield University
Michael Oliver Royal College of Music
Chetan Pancholi Sheffield University
Martin Powell Sheffield University
Jules Rawlinson Edinburgh University
Philip Reeder Lancaster University
Tywi Roberts Sheffield University
Chris Robson Lancaster University
Sam Salem University of Manchester
Mark Sexton University of Portsmouth
David Shepherd Sheffield University
Richard Skellern Sheffield University
Diana Simpson University of Manchester
Carl Smith London Metropolitan University
Steve Symons Independent Artist
Andy Vine De Montfort University
Sean Williams Edinburgh University
Scott Wilson University of Birmingham
Peter Worth York University
John Young De Montfort University