Funding for the Methods Network ended March 31st 2008. The website will be preserved in its current state.

To help you find relevant materials, we have categorized all our activities and resources using both a list of arts and humanities disciplines and a methods taxonomy.

AHRC Subject Coverage

The subject list is based on the subject coverage of the AHRC, as of March 2008.

AHDS Methods Taxonomy

To categorize our activities and resources by method we have applied the AHDS Methods Taxonomy (as of March 2008). A taxonomy of the computational methods utilized within the digital humanities has been under development at the Arts and Humanities Data Service at King’s College London (and now at the Centre for eResearch) for some time. The taxonomy was originally developed for the ICTGuides project, but is being expanded for wider application. The aim of ICTGuides is to establish a database containing detailed information on current and recent humanities research projects using ICT and on the computational methods employed by them. It is designed to assist arts and humanities researchers build digital projects and undertake research within the field of the digital humanities. For the purpose of the methods taxonomy, computational methods are defined as follows:

  • The term method broadly denotes all the techniques and tools that are used to gain new knowledge in the various academic fields which constitute the arts and humanities;
  • A method is a computational one if it is either based on ICT (i.e. database technology), or critically dependent on it (i.e. statistical analysis).new knowledge in the various academic fields which constitute the arts;
  • As the initial version of the database focuses on projects involved in the creation of digital resources, the taxonomy focuses on computational methods used for the creation, analysis and dissemination of such resources.

For more information on the taxonomy, visit the ICTGuides website.

AHDS Methods Taxonomy March 2008

The Taxonomy is reproduced below.