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Service-Oriented Computing in the Humanities (SOCH) 1 & 2 Report

This event was jointly organized with the ESPRC Service-Oriented Software Research Network (SOSoRNet).

Traditionally the relationship between the arts and humanities and computer scientists has been one of consumer and producer respectively, with software being developed by computing professionals for use by humanists and arts scholars. In recent years this relationship has begun to change, with the older model no longer working. More and more, development of software for arts and humanities applications is being driven from within the community.

There is, however, as strong a need as ever for close working associations between software users and producers. These two jointly sponsored events, held a year apart, concentrated on the means of building these relationships and the development of service orientated software within the arts and humanities.

A key message to emerge from the first workshop was that communities of practice in the humanities are increasingly turning to service oriented approaches as their data becomes ever more complex and dispersed. The second event provided those researchers with a forum for intensive discussion, framed by a highly focused group of international speakers from the cutting-edge of service-oriented research as applied to the humanities (with examples from music, archaeology and medieval history); as well as from academics working with tools and resources that have the potential to develop new research methodologies based around the service-oriented approach.

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