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Talking CGI

A seminar organized by Paul Wells as part of The Art of British CGI: Contemporary, Independent and Television Animation conference, Animation Academy, Loughborough University (15 February 2007).

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This seminar was designed to address core research questions about computer generated animation applications in regard to technology, technique, aesthetics and cultural impact with contributions from leading contemporary practioners. The seminar engaged directly with the new technologies and software applications of cutting edge animation in a variety of contexts including commercials, idents, photorealistic documentary, works allied to graphic design, illustration and fine art, and personal 'auteurist' films grounded in a range of visual sources.

Each speaker introduced a key piece of their work, explaining the application, offering core advice about future work and running a question and answer session to give tutorial support for technical needs and aesthetic requirements.

'The Art of British CGI' conference offered an opportunity to discuss the history, technology and aesthetics of computer animation outside the feature sector, as a model of British art-making and film practice.

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  • Media and Film Studies
  • Art and Design


  • Data Analysis - Motion analysis
  • Data publishing and dissemination - DVD publishing
  • Data publishing and dissemination - Graphical collaborative publishing
  • Practice-led Research - 2d animation
  • Practice-led Research - 2d graphic design
  • Practice-led Research - 2d illustration
  • Practice-led Research - 3d animation
  • Practice-led Research - 3d graphic design
  • Practice-led Research - 3d modelling - vector
  • Practice-led Research - Digital storyboarding
  • Practice-led Research - Image manipulation
  • Practice-led Research - Video editing
  • Practice-led Research - Video post production