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Real-time Collaborative Art Making

A workshop organized by Gregory Sporton, Visualization Research Unit, University of Central England (20 July 2007) at Margaret Street Building, UCE, Birmingham.

Banner image: the Networked Mash-Up © 2006 Mike Priddy

(ppt) e-Science in the Arts
(ppt) And, With & Through: the Technologies of Performance
(pdf) ditdahbit: blog posts about the workshop
(mp3) Afternoon discussion session
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  • Art and Design


  • Communication and collaboration - Graphical communication / collaboration - synchronous
  • Communication and collaboration - Graphical resource sharing
  • Communication and collaboration - Graphical communication / collaboration - asynchronous
  • Communication and collaboration - Video-based interaction - asynchronous
  • Practice-led Research - Digital storyboarding
  • Practice-led Research - Digital moving image capture
  • Practice-led Research - Video/moving image compression
  • Data Capture - Digitising tablet/table