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Opening the Creative Studio Activity Report

Report by David Gorton


'Opening the Creative Studio’ was a series of four research events held at the Royal Academy of Music between 12 October and 23 November 2007. Much of the research at the Academy in recent years has been concerned with the interactions between composers and performers, and with the means that facilitate, or come in the way of these interactions in the production of music. The role of technology has become increasingly important, especially for the ‘Modelling Creativity in Music’ research network (, which is made up of staff from within the Academy in collaboration with researchers from a range of partner institutions. The aim of the ‘Opening the Creative Studio’ series has been to take stock, explore, and reflect upon the design, development, and creative application of technology in musical practice, using the collaborative activities of the network as case studies that act as a focus for debate in the relationships between musical and technological innovation.

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  • Music


  • Communication and collaboration - Audio interaction - synchronous
  • Communication and collaboration - Audio-based collaborative publishing
  • Data Analysis - Sound analysis
  • Data Capture - Digital sound recording
  • Practice-led Research - Audio mixing
  • Practice-led Research - Music composition
  • Practice-led Research - Sound editing