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Thinking Through Computing

A hybrid event organized by Steve Russ, University of Warwick, 2 - 3 November 2007.

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This event was a hybrid of a network, a workshop and a seminar. The event promoted collaboration between people (or research groups) who have already been thinking for some years about the nature of computing. It is hoped this collaboration will lead to work on publications that will reflect awareness, and better understanding, of each others’ thinking

Several research groups in recent years have sought to promote a view of computing broader than the conventional ones of the study of algorithms or of information processing. In spite of some cross-references between them, these approaches seem to have developed largely independently. This event brought together several such strands of research and articulated a consensus among these approaches in publications and further conferences and publications.

Empirical Modelling at University of Warwick

The organizers represent a research group, Empirical Modelling (EM), in the Computer Science Department of the research-led University of Warwick. For over fifteen years the group has been developing an alternative approach to both computing and modelling.

For more information about the EM group's approach, see Sections 2 and 3 of 'Human Computing: Modelling with Meaning' (2006) by Beynon, Russ and McCarty which can be downloaded here.

A large number of other publications and theses are also available from the 'publications' directory at the EM group's site.

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