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Expert Seminar on the Visual Arts: From Pigments to Pixels

Hosted by Mike Pringle, AHDS Visual Arts, University College for the Creative Arts, 27 April 2006.

As ever greater numbers of images join the information superhighway, the visual arts research community’s reliance on electronic, rather than analogue, images will inevitably increase. This one day seminar brought together experts from a number of different disciplines to discuss:

  • methods currently used for enabling the distribution and accessing of digital images in cyberspace
  • the relevance, mismatch, and unfilled gaps of such methods, particularly in relation to practice-led visual arts research

AHDS Methods Taxonomy Terms

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  • Art and Design


  • Data Analysis - Content analysis
  • Data Analysis - Content-based image searching
  • Data Analysis - Data mining
  • Data Analysis - Record linkages
  • Data Analysis - Searching/querying
  • Data Analysis - Visual analysis/visualisation
  • Data Capture - 2d Scanning/photography
  • Data Capture - 3d Scanning
  • Data Capture - Usage of existing digital data
  • Data publishing and dissemination - Cataloguing / indexing
  • Data publishing and dissemination - Graphical resource sharing
  • Data publishing and dissemination - Presenting
  • Data publishing and dissemination - Searching/querying
  • Data Structuring and enhancement - Coding/standardisation
  • Data Structuring and enhancement - Image enhancement
  • Data Structuring and enhancement - Markup/text encoding - descriptive - conceptual
  • Data Structuring and enhancement - Data modelling - relational
  • Practice-led Research - Digital photography
  • Practice-led Research - Digital storyboarding
  • Practice-led Research - Image manipulation
  • Practice-led Research - Image optimisation for the web
  • Strategy and project management - Backing - up
  • Strategy and project management - Documentation