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Expert Seminar on Art and Design: Human Enhancement Technologies: The Role of Art and Design

Convened by Professor Sandra Kemp (Director of Research, Royal College of Art) at Goethe-Institut, London on 12 February 2008.

What types of research tools and methodologies and what models of multi-disciplinary engagement might facilitate well-informed ‘upstream’ public participation in scientific and technological advance at the intersection of biology, art, design and the public sphere?

This workshop aims to explore the potential of the arts, and in particular design, as primary tools for critical reflection and engaged debate on the social and ethical implications of the current rapidly emerging bio-technologies through the exploration, production and display of both artworks and hypothetical products as an innovative and accessible way of generating public engagement concerning the impact of biotechnology. Through a series of presentations and discussions, the seminar will explore the role of the arts and design in shaping the ‘enhanced’ future human body, with respect to the growing potential for enhanced physical, cognitive and emotional identities through biotechnological intervention. As well as considering the ways in which they might shape future aesthetic considerations, the project will also examine how the arts and design address issues of urgent public concern regarding the social and ethical implications of these new technologies.

There are limited number of spaces for this seminar. To participate, please contact workshop organizers Sandra Kemp ( and Michael Burton (

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