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'Blue Skies and Singing Rings': Digital Technologies and Jewellery of the Future

Hosted by David Humphrey (Royal College of Art) at The Dana Centre Studio, London, 26 October 2006.

Contextualised by the field of contemporary jewellery but recognising a world of shifting values and changing resources, its aims were broad and cross-disciplinary: to stimulate debate and to open up channels of communication on a range of methods, issues and opportunities - consequent in the main on developments in digital technology - that now confront the creators of contemporary jewellery, jewellery users and others in fields allied to that of jewellery.

This seminar brought together an invited group of speakers and delegates including practitioners and theorists from jewellery and the applied arts, fashion and textile designers, historians, critics, policy-makers and environmentalists, to consider new research directives for the integration of digital technologies within the field of jewellery, and for the development of new research methodologies and innovative products. The seminar’s objectives included: a review of the impact of digital technologies on jewellery design and production to date; the identifications of key issues for the future development of jewellery in relation to digital technologies, and the exploration of new working processes and methodologies.

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  • Art and Design


  • Practice-led Research - 2d animation
  • Practice-led Research - 2d graphic design
  • Practice-led Research - 2d illustration
  • Practice-led Research - 2d scanning
  • Practice-led Research - 3d animation
  • Practice-led Research - 3d graphic design
  • Practice-led Research - 3d modelling - vector
  • Practice-led Research - 3d modelling - vector - point cloud
  • Practice-led Research - 3d modelling - vector - surface
  • Practice-led Research - 3d modelling - vector - triangular network models
  • Practice-led Research - 3d modelling - vector - volumetric
  • Practice-led Research - 3d modelling - vector - wireframe
  • Practice-led Research - 3d Scanning
  • Practice-led Research - Texture design and mapping