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Digital Tools Development in the Arts and Humanities

Convened by Lorna Hughes, Manager, AHRC ICT Methods Network on 15 June 2006 at King's College, London.

pdf Workgroup report

This significant Methods Network workgroup identified and addressed a series of key strategic issues, following this with an arts and humanities tools 'wishlist' . The workgroup was attended by senior academics from a range of arts and humanities disciplines, each with considerable experience in the development, support and implementation of projects focusing on the development of digital tools.

AHDS Methods Taxonomy Terms

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  • General


  • Communication and collaboration - Textual interaction - asynchronous
  • Data Analysis - Concording/Indexing
  • Data Analysis - Data mining
  • Data Analysis - Visual analysis/visualisation
  • Data Capture - Usage of existing digital data
  • Strategy and project management - ICT project management
  • Strategy and project management - Usability analysis