Funding for the Methods Network ended March 31st 2008. The website will be preserved in its current state.


Four Workgroups will be convened by the Methods Network each year to explore specific topics, report on key issues, and make recommendations. The recommendations may be for specific Methods Network activities in the Workgroup’s area of interest, or may be at a strategic level. Some Workgroups will have a limited life-span while others will be expected to continue long-term.

Workgroups will identify strategic themes and topics related to ICT in arts and humanities, and make recommendations for future activities and initiatives. They will have a clearly-outlined rationale and deliverables. Detailed reports on Workgroup findings and recommendations will be published by the Methods Network Network Administrative Centre.

The Methods Network welcomes Workgroup proposals from the community and has funding available to support such proposals. Workgroups proposed by the community that have been funded to date are listed on the Distributed Activities page. For further information, please contact Hazel

Recent Workgroups


Digital Tools Development in the Arts and Humanities

Convened by Lorna Hughes, Manager, AHRC ICT Methods Network on 15 June 2006 at King's College, London. More information...


Digital Tools Development in the Arts and Humanities 2

Convened by AHRC ICT Methods Network on 13 November 2007 at SOAS, University of London. More information...

Forthcoming Workgroups

Postgraduate Training

This group has been convened to explore strategic issues; to assess whether it is feasible and desirable to develop curriculum models and/or specify ‘core’ curricular components, and develop common training materials.

Collaboration, Modes, and Recognition

This workgroup will focus on the development of ICT methods for the arts and humanities and new models of working. Specifically, it will address initiatives that require collaboration between partner institutions and academics in order to be successful: What are the implications of this new model of scholarship? How is such work assessed and reviewed?

Training and Awareness for AHRC Reviewers

As new models of working are developed and advanced ICT methods are increasingly used for arts and humanities research, it is imperative that the AHRC is able to review, understand, and evaluate such models and methods; in particular, how AHRC reviewers assess the work involved in developing new tools and technologies. The Methods Network Workgroup on this topic will review the current situation and make recommendations for training and awareness of AHRC reviewers.