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Performing Space

A hybrid event organized by Frank Abbott, School of Art and Design, The Nottingham Trent University (22 February 2008).

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Throughout the world new types of communication networks based on wireless interactive ICT technology are transforming our understanding of contemporary public and private space. They are increasingly being explored by live media artist projects through events like the Radiator Festival (Nottingham), First Play Berlin and Dis-locate (Tokyo). Within other humanities subjects like geography, architecture and social urban planning new insights into the changing nature of public space are being addressed.

The research aim of this hybrid workshop is to bring together a range of humanities researchers and artists to examine how the common ground between these disciplines can be developed through examining ICT wireless network strategies borrowed from the work of artists; and conversely how the development of research, particularly in the areas of geography and architecture, can inform the artists` research and development.

Format of the day

This workshop will adopt a hybrid form with a presentation session in the morning and discussion sessions in the afternoon.

10.00 -13.00: Performing Space-Setting the Context

This session will bring together a range of speakers and attendees from humanities and art practice to examine the context of ICT technology and contemporary space. The session will ask: 'What is new and challenging about working with ICT networks for creative production and research?'

14.00 - 17.00: Performing Space-Interrogating the Context

In the afternoon session artists and theorists will discuss specific strategies adopted within the work of live media artists with an invited audience of researchers, geographers, urban planners, architects, artists, and cultural theorists.

Between and around these two sessions there will be an opportunity for the attendees to see documentation from related artists projects.

Outcomes of the event

Arising from the hybrid event will be an account of where related disciplines of geography, architecture and potentially others can collaborate with live media artists and community cultural agencies in ICT led projects. The event will investigate how the outcomes of artist practice can pioneer new areas of engagement. This will specifically be in relation to understanding the technological changes affecting the nature of space in the contemporary environment and the value of engaging in such ICT led research activities.

How to register

Please contact Susan Rhodes ( or Frank Abbott ( to register for the workshop.

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  • Art and Design
  • Drama and Theatre


  • Communication and collaboration - Video resource sharing
  • Data Analysis - Network analysis
  • Data Analysis - Visual analysis/visualisation
  • Data Capture - Geophysical survey
  • Data Capture - GPS/total station surveys
  • Practice-led Research - Virtual world modelling
  • Data Structuring and enhancement - Geo-referencing/projection