Funding for the Methods Network ended March 31st 2008. The website will be preserved in its current state.


The Methods Network is committed to supporting collaborations between the broadest possible community of practitioners using ICT in the Arts and Humanities; academics, postgraduates, specialists, and members of other communities such as libraries, archives and museums. We have several initiatives ongoing to facilitate broader participation and these will become a more prominent part of the Methods Network's programme in 2007. This work is coordinated by Torsten Reimer, who has been appointed to the team to expand the Methods Network outreach programme and build links within the arts and humanities community. A major part of his work is the development of an community site focused on the exchange of ideas and methods, a platform that is also intended to facilitate the making of contacts within the arts and humanities ICT community: visit Digital Arts & Humanities.

Read more about this in Torsten's article in the Summer 2007 issue of our newsletter. For further information about our outreach programme, please contact Torsten (

Researchers can become involved in the Methods Network by organizing an activity. The Methods Network can offer funding of up to £5000 to individuals and groups to organize collaborative activities on appropriate themes. See the Apply for Funding page for further information.

These funded activities form the core programme of the Methods Network and offer an abundance of opportunities to share and gather information about the application of advanced ICT methods in research.

Researchers can also choose to be involved in the Methods Network by staying informed of our work. For updates on Methods Network news, activities and publications, complete the feedback form or register for the Methods Network RSS feed.