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New Protocols in Electroacoustic Music Analysis

A workshop run by Leigh Landy, De Montfort University, Leicester (12 June 2007).

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This is a very exciting period in electroacoustic music research as the field of electroacoustic music studies is evolving rapidly. Within the area of electroacoustic music analysis we are seeing new, highly dynamic approaches being developed using ICT that aid in the greater understanding of musical content and intention. These include: interactive analytical tools; use of multimedia/hypermedia in analysis and presentation of analytical results; production documentation of non-prescriptive notated composition; the intention/reception approach – triangulation; and computational approaches to electroacoustic music analysis.

The workshop was integrated within the four-day Electroacoustic Music Studies Network EMS07 conference at DMU and gave the community the opportunity to be introduced to and have hands-on access to some of the protocols being developed. A round-table discussion with the invited specialists (one or more representing each of the fields mentioned above) was held to investigate where we think we are in terms of electroacoustic music analytical methods and where we think we should be going.

This workshop complements the recently established EMS Network very well. The organisation defines itself as follows:

'The EMS Network has been organised to fill an important gap in terms of electroacoustic music, namely focusing on the better understanding of the various manifestations of electroacoustic music. Areas related to the study of electroacoustic music range from the musicological to more interdisciplinary approaches, from studies concerning the impact of technology on musical creativity to the investigation of the ubiquitous nature of electroacoustic sounds today. The choice of the word, "network" is of fundamental importance as one of our goals is to make relevant initiatives more widely available'.

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