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INTIMACY: Across Digital and Visceral Performance

A workshop and seminar activity organized by Maria Chatzichristodoulou [Maria X] and Rachel Zerihan.

(html) Programme - Day One - 7 December 2007
(html) Programme - Day Two - 8 December 2007
(html) Programme - Day Three - 9 December 2007
(html) Activity resources - Rapporteurs' reports
(pdf) (html) Activity evaluation and report
(html) INTIMACY discussion group

The programme for the full activity is also available as a pdf.

INTIMACY was a series of events designed to address an aesthetically and formally diverse set of responses to the notion of 'being intimate' in emergent and hybrid performance practices. INTIMACY was constructed as a three-day interdisciplinary programme of events made to elicit connectivity, induce interaction and provoke debate between makers and witnesses of works that explicitly address proximity and hybridity in performance.

Digital and live art performance practices were used as agents to further practical exploration of and vibrant discourse into intimate inter-actions. Resisting rigid forms of communication such as paper-giving and conference proceedings, collaborative techniques have instead been adopted to platform interactive strategies of workshops, seminars, roundtable discussions and performances. INTIMACY has been framed as a forum for artists, scholars, community workers, performers, cultural practitioners, researchers and creative thinkers.

INTIMACY provided a platform for the discussion of sub-cultural practices concerned with displaying intuitive, intimate and visceral relationships between artist and other. It thus affords contemporary practitioners, theorists and students the opportunity of practical and critical engagement with present co-ordinates that define these practices.

Some questions addressed by the events included:

  • How are bodies represented through technology?
  • How is desire constructed through representation?
  • What is the relationship of the body to self-awareness?

The events explored technologies that can enhance 'closeness': networking technologies such as the Internet, wireless networks, telecommunications and Web.02; sensor technologies; virtual reality and other digital multi-user environments. INTIMACY allowed for a hands-on exploration of such technologies as a means for intimate inter-actions in digital and hybrid performance practices.

The final outcome will be an online publication in the form of a media wiki, which will host papers, reports, and AV documentation of the diverse events. Parts of the publication, such as the reports and documentation, will be made accessible to everyone to rewrite, re-edit and reuse.

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  • Dance
  • Drama and Theatre


  • Communication and collaboration - Audio interaction - synchronous
  • Communication and collaboration - Video-based interaction - asynchronous
  • Data Capture - Digital motion capture
  • Data publishing and dissemination - Streaming audio
  • Data publishing and dissemination - Streaming video
  • Data publishing and dissemination - Textual resource sharing
  • Data publishing and dissemination - Video resource sharing
  • Practice-led Research - 2d animation
  • Practice-led Research - 2d graphic design
  • Practice-led Research - Digital photography